Actor William Levy Trying Pepsi Next

Pepsi Next, the drink that claims to deliver real cola taste with 60% less sugar, and William Levy debut the “Wheel of Levy,” the brand’s latest campaign to get America to Drink it to Believe it. The actor flexes his acting muscles to showcase six versatile personas.

“I’m excited to show fans a few unexpected sides of myself to help quench their thirst for a great tasting cola with less sugar,” says Levy. “Whether it’s rocking out or fighting bad guys, I’m giving it my all to ensure you won’t be able to resist the unbelievable taste of Pepsi Next.”

Earlier, Paula Patton, actress and star of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, served up first sips of Pepsi Next, fueling the “Drink it to Believe it” momentum on the West Coast following actress Eva Longoria’s New York appearance. (Read: After Eva Longoria, Paula Patton Sips Pepsi NEXT)

You can visit to spin the “Wheel of Levy,” decide on which Levy compels you to give into the taste of Pepsi Next and register to receive a 2 Liter of the drink.

William Levy

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Give in to “Doctor Levy,” “Romance Levy”, “Action Hero Levy,” “Rock Star Levy,” “Sci-Fi Levy” and “Theatre Levy” as they put their powers of persuasion to work both in English and Spanish.

Pepsi made this announcement today, April 22.

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