Ad Tells the President How to Help Girls

Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) released a public service announcement that features the two winners of its “Girl Scouts Speak Out: Dear Mr. President” contest, in which girls across the country were invited to make PSAs addressed to the presidential candidates telling them how they can support girls.

The 60-second video, which was filmed in Washington, D.C., is narrated by the two Girl Scouts who submitted the winning entries: Amanda, 15, from Girl Scouts of Central Illinois, and Hareem, 14, from Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capitol.

The PSA is aspirational, as the girls look to a world “that supports girls so that they reach places where big decisions are made; where one of us gets to sit where you do now.”

The “Girl Scouts Speak Out: Dear Mr. President” contest was designed to provide a national platform for girls to engage with the presidential election.

As part of the contest, girls could submit ideas and concepts for PSAs addressed to the presidential candidates telling them how to support girls and the next generation of leaders.

Girl Scouts has posted the video on its Website at ( and will share it through social media channels and on YouTube.

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