African Lions Rescued from Mexico

African Lions Rescued from Mexico

African Lions Rescued from Mexico

Eleven exotic animals including African Lions and other large carnivores were transferred from Mexico to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado after the animals were confiscated from illegal or abusive situations.

The Lions and other carnivores made the 1,700 mile journey to The Wild Animal Sanctuary where they will be rehabilitated and allowed to live the rest of their lives in large natural habitats.

Working in cooperation with a Mexican organization known as Bioparque Convivencia Pachuca, The Wild Animal Sanctuary began planning the rescue in late 2013.

All eleven animals were rescued and sent to Bioparque’s newly renovated Captive Wildlife Way Station located approximately 150 miles northeast of Mexico City.

Once all the animals were at the single location, The Wild Animal Sanctuary coordinated with the US and Mexican Wildlife Authorities and the Way Station to transfer the animals to the Sanctuary’s 720 acre facility in Colorado.

To date, the Colorado non-profit organization has rescued over 30 exotic animals from various places within Mexico, and has plans to return in early 2015 to retrieve a number of rescued Tigers.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a 720 acre refuge for large carnivores that have been confiscated from illegal or abusive situations. The Sanctuary is located 30 miles northeast of Denver, Colorado near the town of Keenesburg.

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