Are You Hooking Up in Your Sex Lives?

Sex Education
Sex Education

Adult products destination has carried out its new survey about “hooking up,” the no-strings-attached casual sex that has become the norm.

While 59% of the respondents denied “hooking up” in their sex lives, of the 41% who admitted to it*:

  • 18% met at a bar
  • 12% met at work
  • 11% met through social media
  • 10% met at school
  • 12% were unspecified

(*Respondents could choose multiple answers.)

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“Hookups are the new default today,” says Dr. Kat Van Kirk, resident sexpert for “Many young adults are substituting long-term relationships for hookups…believing it is expected of them. Unfortunately, research has shown that neither partner walks away particularly satisfied.”

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“Adam & Eve supports healthy sexuality between consenting adults,” says director of Marketing Chad Davis. “From hookups to long-term monogamy, has something for every phase and type of relationship.”

The web-based survey, conducted by an independent third party survey company, of over 1,000 American adults age 18 and up, was sponsored by Adam & Eve to study sexual preferences and practices. The survey findings were released Thursday, Oct. 22.

Photo courtesy: Adam & Eve

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