Beatles Mobile Pop-Up Shops to Hit the Road

Next Tuesday, Nov. 13, in one-day-only promotion, mobile Beatles pop-up shops in the form of customized double-decker buses will hit the streets of New York and Los Angeles, making several stops in each city throughout the day.

The mobile shops will be deployed to celebrate Tuesday’s 180-gram vinyl LP release of The Beatles’ Grammy-winning remastered studio albums in stereo.

In addition to the 14 vinyl LPs, available individually or collected in a deluxe boxed edition with a 252-page hardbound book, the mobile pop-up shops will offer The Beatles’ remastered studio album CDs in stereo and mono, as well as DVDs and Blu-rays for this year’s restored Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine feature films, and several Beatles items.

In each city, a special Beatles t-shirt (one unique to New York and another to Los Angeles) will be available exclusively on the bus with minimum purchase, while supplies last.

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