Brazil Uncovered: A Special Program on Brazil

The global English Channel of China Central Television (CCTV), the US production arm of CCTV News, from Monday, Sept. 23, will feature a week of special programming on Brazil.

Brazil is South America’s largest nation and China is its leading trading partner.

In this special series, a team of CCTV reporters focuses on Brazil’s struggle to find a balance between its position as a rising, global, economic super power, and its need to preserve its extraordinary natural resources.

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Correspondent Sean Callebs takes viewers on a 20-day journey along the Amazon and through the Brazilian rainforests. He profiles the Kayopo Indians who are resisting development and the construction of a large dam project along the Xingu River.

As reporter Callebs notes: “Brazil and its rainforests are a story everyone should care about: the rainforest provides 20% of the world’s oxygen and 20% of its fresh water.”

‘Brazil Uncovered’ will air Monday, Sept. 23, through Sunday, Sept. 29, at 8 pm US eastern time. The reports can be seen within the CCTV America Newshour, Biz Asia America, and Americas Now on the CCTV News Channel.

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