Brett Stimely Plays JFK in Kill the Dictator

Brett Stimely portrays JFK, who supplied military equipment / strategy to the rebels that help end the worst Dominican Republican dictatorship in Kill the Dictator / El Teniente Amado.

According to Brett Stimely, he has captured audiences with life-like representations of JFK in four films, including blockbusters Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Watchmen and the just-released Tom Hanks-produced Parkland.

After six weeks, he says, the film Kill the Dictator continues its number-one lead in the box office in the Dominican Republic.

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Based on a true story, JFK involved the dictator’s right-hand aide, Lt. Guerrero (Amaury Nolasco, Transformers, Prison Break) to end the bloodiest rule by General Trujillo, who was responsible for 50,000 deaths.

Kill the Dictator was filmed in both English and Spanish providing authenticity as well as being shot entirely in the Dominican Republic.

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Brett Stimely’s talent expands beyond acting with last year’s film that he wrote, starred in and produced Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope.

Brett Stimely walked the red carpet as Kill the Dictator, directed by Felix Limardo, featured Friday, Oct. 11, at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival at the TCL Chinese Theatre. The action thriller is releasing worldwide in the next weeks.

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