Chicken Challenge for Moms to End Menu Monotony

For busy moms who rely on a handful of go-to recipes, dinnertime can become monotonous. To help spice up the dinner routine, Hellmann’s and Best Foods mayonnaise are launching the Chicken Challenge, a series of head-to-head chicken dish challenges that will help moms diversify their weekly recipe repertoire.

Each week on, two chicken dish “challenger” recipes from Chipotle Lime Crusted Chicken to Baked Buffalo Chicken and more will go up against one of the most popular recipes on Hellmanns.com¹, Parmesan Crusted Chicken. Consumers will vote to determine their favorite chicken recipes of the week.

The competition heats up this week as celebrity dad and actor, Mark Consuelos, backs his favorite Parmesan Crusted Chicken against two worthy challengers: Chef, Tim Love’s pick, spicy Chipotle-Lime-Crusted Chicken and Lifestyle Expert and Mom, Sissy Biggers, who is championing the family-friendly BBQ-Cheddar-Crusted Chicken.

“It’s hard to please all of the picky eaters in my household and sometimes my wife and I feel it’s even more challenging during the busy back-to-school season,” says Consuelos.

“The secret ingredient to great tasting chicken dishes is Hellmann’s mayonnaise. It makes your chicken extra juicy and full of flavor which is why the Parmesan Crusted Chicken recipe will always be a favorite in my house.”

The challenge continues through Monday, December 5, 2011. Parents across the country are encouraged to participate by trying one of the featured Hellmann’s chicken recipes each week and then casting votes for their favorites.

After voting, consumers can enter into a weekly sweepstakes for a chance to win one of four $250 grocery gift cards. If Hellmann’s receives more than 10,000 entries, the value of the grocery gift cards doubles to $500.

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Rakesh Raman