Congress Blames Modi for Farmers’ Distress

Congress Blames Modi for Farmers' Distress

Congress Blames Modi for Farmers’ Distress

In a fresh attack on ruling BJP in India, the opposition Congress party has once again blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his party’s anti-farmer policies.

Congress said today that Modi had promised 50% profit for farmers in his election speeches. With a Rs. 50 per quintal hike (announced for paddy) the Indian farmer’s profit has come down to as little as 6%, said Congress. It further said that the Modi government seems to be pushing farmers towards greater distress.

However, in an attempt to woo the agitated farmers who are unhappy with the BJP government’s forced land acquisition policies, Modi recently launched DD Kisan, a Doordarshan (government-run TV outfit) channel dedicated to farmers.

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Congress says Modi government’s agricultural policies resulted in a 1.1% growth in the agricultural sector in 2014-15, and this year if the weather Gods didn’t favor the farmers, even this could change.

While the Modi government may think that denying fair prices to the farmers would help them keep inflation under check, it will only end up reducing rural demand and fuel rural distress, says Congress.

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Indian agriculture grew at a rate of 1.1% in the first year of the Narendra Modi government. By denying a fair price to the farmer, the government seems to be pushing the agricultural sector into an era of negative growth, the opposition party said.

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