Designer Touch for Toilet Paper Roll Covers

Chic interior designer Jonathan Adler and the Cottonelle brand have teamed up to explore a space that doesn’t often get adorned with the latest style: toilet paper.

Cottonelle tapped Adler, known for his bold and energetic designs in home decor, to design the brand’s spring collection of toilet paper roll covers—and help change people’s point of view on toilet paper. It was announced Friday, Dec. 30.

The Cottonelle brand introduced its designer toilet paper roll covers last August encouraging consumers to pay attention to an often-overlooked opportunity to enhance the look and feel of their bathrooms—and giving them a new way to respect the roll.

Adler, whose work includes his claim-to-fame of pottery, his own line of home furnishings as well as the real-life Barbie Malibu Dream House, added three designs to Cottonelle’s spring collection. The exclusive, new Jonathan Adler designs feature a variety of color and patterns that will make a statement in any bathroom, believes the company.

“Part of my passion for design is taking everyday objects and turning them into eye-catching conversation pieces and, until now, toilet paper has been a relatively untouched canvas,” said designer Jonathan Adler. “So I was thrilled when Cottonelle approached me to design its spring collection of roll covers.” 

The Cottonelle brand provides comfort solutions for personal care. Cottonelle toilet paper is available in three forms: Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care, Cottonelle Gentle Care, and Cottonelle Clean Care.

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Rakesh Raman