Dr. Margaret Chan Releases Report on Global Public Health

Dr. Margaret Chan
Dr. Margaret Chan

The WHO has launched a report that chronicles the evolution of global public health over the decade that Dr. Margaret Chan has served as Director-General at WHO.

The report opens with a letter from Dr. Chan who offers her reflections on some of the highlights and challenges of the past 10 years working to build a better, healthier future for the world’s people.

The first chapter examines WHO’s key role in promoting universal health coverage as the most powerful way to improve global health and development and lead the world towards greater fairness.

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According to the WHO, the full series will be published over the next 6 weeks. In her letter, Dr. Chan says that the challenges facing health in the 21st century are unprecedented in their complexity and universal in their impact.

Under the pressures of demographic ageing, rapid urbanization, and the globalized marketing of unhealthy products, chronic noncommunicable diseases have overtaken infectious diseases as the leading killers worldwide.

Photo courtesy: WHO

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