Efforts Are On to Cure Unslept Zombies

The Better Sleep Council (BSC), as part of its Stop Zombieitis! campaign to inform the public about the sleep deprivation epidemic gripping America, has designated Friday, May 20, as the official “Stop Zombieitis!” Awareness Day.

Beginning at midnight on Friday morning, the BSC will begin a grass-roots effort to identify and locate, through social networks, those who complain of the symptoms of Zombieitis.

A few of these symptoms include  “feeling like death,” exhaustion, irritability, and a slow gait. The BSC will contact “unslept” zombies online and provide them with information about the Zombieitis epidemic and its cure.

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A microsite has been launched to provide research and advice on the Zombieitis epidemic and cure. Beginning Friday, the BSC wants people to visit www.stopzombieitis.com to report a Zombieitis sighting.

By reporting a sighting, the user will be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card, in hopes that they will apply this towards the Zombieitis cure – a quality mattress.

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The “Stop Zombieitis!” campaign has received national media attention, and is continuing to gain public awareness. With approximately 70% of Americans at risk, sleep deprivation has been front-page news lately.

According to the National Sleep Disorders Research Plan, 20 percent of Americans sleep less than six hours each night, and this can lead to mistakes in the workplace, costing American businesses billions of dollars each year.

The BSC will be working non-stop today, May 20, and beyond to diagnose and cure the sleep deprived zombies.

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Rakesh Raman