Football and Basketball Channels for the Internet Inc., the US Division of the Internet-based HD television service, has announced a partnership with XOS Digital, the leading provider of content management solutions for Colleges and Professional sports organizations.

The partnership will create two new premium College Sports Networks for FilmOn. It was announced today, Dec. 26.

“We are very excited about adding NCAA games to our sports lineup. The roster will include current season and archival football and basketball to the FilmOn College Sports Networks,” said founder and CEO Alki David.

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“Earlier this year we launched the world’s first Internet soccer channel with the UK Premiership and the Football Association. We recognize the fantastic value of sports in online television and we will continue to grow our offerings with up to the minute live sports in 2012. This starts with Live Russian Soccer from the Russian Premier League to be shown every week. We are going head to head with the industry’s top sports programmers, as well as creating new paradigms in the Internet Television Marketplace.”

[ Also Read: RMN Company Launches Entertainment Project ] was founded as a Pay TV delivery platform streaming HD IPTV to computers, tablets and mobile devices. It also offers third party Internet providers turnkey solutions in content and technology branding. Plc., is a Frankfurt-based company, which is operated by U.S. and British management teams with offices in Beverly Hills and London and with datacenters in Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam and Geneva.

Founded in 1999, XOS Digital is a leading provider of digital asset management solutions for collegiate and professional sports organizations.

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