Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back with Dahm Triplets

The Dahm triplets, Erica, Jaclyn and Nicole, all with baby girls under 18 months old, know how hard it is for busy moms to get their pre-baby bodies back.

In their debut fitness DVD, the sisters throw back to their favorite workouts incorporating classic aerobic moves and high-energy dance sequences to give a full-body burn that will melt fat and help get your body back, they claim.

In just three quick and easy 10-minute workouts you can tone lean arms, sculpt sexy abs and lift your buns.

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Among other such offers, Jenny Craig, a leading U.S. company on weight management, is offering its new Metabolic Max Program, which takes an intensive approach to monitor and increase activity by measuring calories burned to help clients lose weight. (Read: Jenny Craig Offers to Help You Lose Your Weight)

Perfect for losing that baby weight, the freshman 15 or toning up for the summer, 3-2-1 Get Your Body Back is quick, fun and leaves you energized and ready to take on the world, Dahm triplets claim.

Each sister leads a heart-pumping workout:

Jaclyn gets your heart rate revved while focusing on long, lean “beauty” moves that tone and tighten so you can be sleek and sleeveless.

Erica’s workout features classic aerobic moves and lower body toning that concentrate on hips, thighs and buns for maximum booty blast!

Nicole’s cardio dance party and toning moves target your core for full-body fitness from the inside out.

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3-2-1 Get Your Body Back is available for $14.99 at

The Dahm sisters are identical triplets raised in Jordan, Minnesota. Erica, Jaclyn and Nicole currently in Los Angeles California with their husbands and baby girls Avery, Chanel and Charlize. Erica and her husband are expecting their second child in fall 2011.

Photo courtesy: The Dahm Triplets

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