GOP Ad Campaign Targets Hillary and Bernie

GOP Ad Campaign Targets Hillary and Bernie

GOP Ad Campaign Targets Hillary and Bernie

The Republican National Committee (RNC) released Monday a new TV ad entitled “Not Telling Us The Truth…Again.”

According to RNC, the ad highlights Hillary Clinton’s growing email scandal of her own creation and subsequent drop in the polls. The paid ad is part of the RNC’s larger response effort to the first Democrat Presidential Primary Debate in Las Vegas.

This five-figure ad buy will run on national cable and online, with the digital component directly targeting Bernie Sanders’ social media supporters.

“Hillary Clinton’s growing scandals and the multiple investigations into the potential mishandling of classified info is a mess of her own creation. As Democrats debate in Vegas, the RNC will continue to remind voters, including Democrats, why the vast majority of Americans find Clinton to be dishonest and untrustworthy,” said RNC chairman Reince Priebus.

In addition to the new ad, the RNC’s full scale, multi-platform response strategy surrounding the Democrat Debate includes:

  • The RNC has established up a multidepartment debate command center with multi-screen live social listening and media monitoring.
  • Ensure the GOP capitalizes on opportunities from rapid-response, fundraising, to voter persuasion and registration.
  • Activating new digital activist team to flood the zone on social media and in their communities
  • Real-time videos and fact checks
  • Real-time digital ad buys and response
  • Deploying TV/radio surrogates nationwide and in key target states
  • Statements and op-eds

The U.S. Presidential election is scheduled to take place November 8, 2016.

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