Hanes Goes Tagless for Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear brand Hanes has launched a new marketing campaign to support the new Tagless underwear, including new television advertising spots on entertainment and sports programming. The announcement was made Tuesday, May 29.

According to the company, Hanes Tagless underwear bottoms deliver a new level of comfort with superior softness without the itch and irritation of a tag.

Following the introduction of Hanes Tagless undershirt, it has brought the Tagless brand to its briefs, boxers and boxer briefs.

Meanwhile, bras are suddenly selling like hot cakes. Or at least marketers’ focus has increased on bras of different flavours for women. (Read: Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra with Smart Sizes)

“Tags continue to be a significant irritant for our consumers, so we sought to address this issue across all of our styles of men’s underwear bottoms,” said Sidney Falken, chief branding officer, Hanes.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan has been the face of Hanes men’s underwear.

“Office” is the first of three spots that amplify the nuisance of an underwear tag. It shows a man sitting at an office desk attempting to do his work when his underwear tag starts chattering incessantly, trying to add some excitement to the workday. As the tag prattles on, Michael Jordan enters the office building and relieves the worker of his annoying tag by tossing it into a paper shredder. Each spot ends with a tagline that simply states, “Tags are annoying. So we got rid of them.”

“Movie Talker” shows a man and his girlfriend sitting in a darkened movie theater trying, to no avail, to watch a scary movie.  As they focus on the film, the man’s undershirt tag refuses to stop talking and revealing the movie’s plot.  As the camera pans wider, we realize Michael Jordan is seated behind the couple.  He rips the tag from the man’s shirt and shoots it with perfect arc through the air and into a cup of soda, where it is eventually silenced.

“Grilling” depicts a man happily grilling at a backyard barbecue, despite the annoying and talkative tag sticking out of the back of his underwear questioning his grilling skills, claiming to be a “grill master” and pestering him about the right way to cook a burger.  With the unspoken “guy code” that says you never critique another man’s barbecue skills in mind, Michael Jordan comes to the rescue and insists the griller hand over his tag which Michael deftly tosses into the flames, saving the day.

Hanes, an apparel brand in America, offers intimate apparel, underwear, sleepwear, socks and casual apparel.

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