Playing Hungribles on Your iPhone

Hungribles, a new skill shot puzzle game, is now available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The debut iOS title from Finnish developer Futuremark Games Studio is currently featured in the App Store as the iPhone Game of the Week in 111 countries including the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, claims the company.

Jaakko Haapasalo, director of Futuremark Games Studio says, “We are ecstatic to see Hungribles, our first game for iPhone and iPad, featured as Game of the Week. We welcome all our new players and invite them to share their ideas for enhancing the game further on the Hungribles website.”

Hungribles is a skill shot puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. Hungribles are tiny creatures with massive appetites. Their hunger cravings are so powerful they can pull food through the air and into their waiting mouths.

The aim of the game is to feed the Hungribles and make them happy. You do this by launching tasty orbs from a strange glowing mushroom slingshot thingy.

Each Hungrible’s appetite affects the path of the tasty orb as it flies across the screen. You can earn score bonuses by bouncing orbs off walls, curving them around Hungribles or hitting the pot of gold.

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Rakesh Raman