Historical Area as Tourism Zone in Northwest China

The central government has given permission to set up a national tourism vacation zone in Dingjun Mountain in Mianxian County of Shaanxi Province on Nov. 20, which is said to be the first one in Northwest China.

Dingjun Mountain is a historical place famous for a battle during the Three Kingdoms (AD 220-280) period when Liu Bei, the founder of Shu Kingdom, won a battle against Cao Cao, the founder of Wei Kingdom. The battle laid the basis for the rise of the Shu Kingdom, which became a power afterward.

The General Planning of Dingjun Mountain National Tourism Vacation Zone, which was put forward by Mianxian County in July 2010, has won support from the National Tourism Administration (NTA). The NTA and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences reviewed and permitted the plan on Nov. 20.

The Dingjun Mountain Tourism Vacation Zone is based on the culture of the Three Kingdoms and featured for its historical culture.

Apart from the historical zone, there are also some different-themed areas in the zone, including the Yanghe River sightseeing area, the Moon River hot spring wellness area, the Tiandang Buddhism cultural area, and so on.

The Dingjun Mountain Tourism Vacation Zone is expected to bring more opportunity and hopes for the development of the tourism industry in Mianxian County, said the City Channel of CRI Online.

The first batch of national tourism vacation zones were set up with the authorization of the State Council in 1992, and a total of 12 tourism zones, including Yalong Bay in Sanya of Hainan Province and Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province became the first batch of national tourism vacation zones.

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Rakesh Raman