How Adidas Techfit Jerseys Help Football Players

Athletic products company Adidas has unveiled its new Techfit compression football jerseys for seven NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) teams including Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Cincinnati, UCLA, Texas A&M and Louisville. 

Featuring a compression fit and weighing 30 percent lighter than standard football jerseys, the new jersey will help players be lighter and faster on the field, says the company. Teams will wear the new jerseys this season.

“The new Techfit jersey design will make old jerseys obsolete,” said Mark Daniels, director of football and team sports for Adidas. 

“Adidas is changing the game with this revolutionary jersey construction and compression fit because we know the right gear can make a difference during a split second play. Less material and a tighter fit means the jersey is harder to grab and you can’t tackle what you can’t grab. College football is more competitive than ever before and teams need every advantage they can get on the field.”

The new jersey is a complete reconstruction of the standard uniform to reduce the weight of the jersey by 30 percent. 

The production technologies include a streamlined fit, new fabric, reduced seams and an ultra lightweight name and numbering system. 

In addition, the jersey keeps players cool with integrated ventilation zones and moisture management fabric.  Reduced seams and a restriction-free, high-stretch collar design increases range of motion to support player agility and speed, the company said while introducing the jerseys Monday, Oct. 11. 

Adidas, according to the company, designs and develops high-performance and lightweight football cleats, apparel and accessories for players and teams including Reggie Bush of the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints, Mario Williams of the Houston Texans, C.J. Spiller of the Buffalo Bills and Eric Berry of the Kansas City Chiefs and is the official uniform and apparel provider for more than 70 collegiate football programs.

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Rakesh Raman