How to Make Money with an Online Game

As online social gaming fad is picking up steam, EVO Media Group is offering the gaming elements with its free website builder, allowing students to make some scratch during their break period.

Students who sign up on DevHub are guided through an empire-building game with points, levels, and coins to build full-fledged websites such as a news blog or a storefront.

To make the whole process easier to understand, websites are actually represented as actual buildings, which grow and are populated by DevHub’s resident characters, the Devatars.

As students accumulate coins and unlock Devatars, they are able to upgrade their site with tools and templates in the DevHub marketplace.

All the while, players are actually building out websites that contain ads and promotional products that can earn real money, says EVO.

“ is a totally unique experience,” says EVO Media Group’s CEO and GameMaster, Geoffrey Nuval, “We’re enabling students to build Internet properties that make real money while letting them do what they do best… play a game.”

By the looks of the activity on Facebook and Twitter, DevHub users are leveraging the game’s social features to recruit even more players.

To date, according to the company, users have already built over 500,000 sites on DevHub.

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