How to Prevent Songbirds from Striking Windows

Here’s an ultraviolet-reflective liquid designed to prevent songbirds from striking windows.

WindowAlert, Inc. has developed a new, high-tech liquid that may be applied to windows. The liquid dries to virtually clear and contains a component that both brilliantly reflects and fluoresces ultraviolet sunlight.

This ultraviolet light is invisible to humans, but glows brilliantly for birds, says the company. It is applied to windows as small dots with a bingo marker.

“UV Liquid allows homeowners to enjoy clear windows while, at the same time, providing a visual barrier for birds,” says company founder, Spencer Schock. “That saves lives.”

The Wilson Ornithological Society reports that billions of songbirds are killed worldwide each year due to accidental collisions with window glass, says WindowAlert.

According to Schock, one bird fatality per home, per year, in the U.S. represents nearly 100 million fatalities. Many homes and commercial structures suffer multiple strikes in a given year.

WindowAlert technology is helping to stem the loss by exploiting the keen vision of birds. Birds enjoy tetra chromatic vision which allows them to see a broader spectrum of light than humans.

Birds also see with great clarity. For example, unlike humans, bird retinas contain no blood vessels. This prevents light scattering and thus provides birds with greater visual acuity than humans.

WindowAlert UV Liquid may be purchased at over 500 bird hobbyist stores across the country (U.S.) or online at

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Rakesh Raman