Inventionland Special Premieres on HISTORY

“Inventionland,” a new reality-based TV special is scheduled to debut on HISTORY on Saturday, Dec. 24, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. EST. Shot on location, the Pittsburgh-based Inventionland is the headquarters for Davison Design & Development, founded by George Davison, the show’s star.

The program delves into the sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes exhilarating real-life drama of the high-risk world of inventing. It follows three inventors as their respective inventions take shape.

From the thrill of coming up with a big idea to the challenges involved in turning it into a functioning prototype and then into a money-making proposition or a trip back to the drawing board, it all begins and ends at Inventionland, America’s leading invention factory.

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Stuck holding onto the umbrella during a breezy day at the beach while watching his young daughters have fun in the ocean without him, inventor Milton Branch envisions a beach cooler that firmly anchors an umbrella even on the windiest days. Find out if the project flies.

Kurt Whiteside and 5,000 of his car mechanic customers around the country anxiously await the next generation of the Hover Creeper. But first this miracle of physics must pass the muster of NASCAR mechanic “Big A,” who ultimately says, “Every fat guy should have one of these.” Then Inventionland designers face a last-minute, nail-biting prototyping problem that requires Mr. D.’s expertise as an important celebration looms.

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Taking a cue from the original boom boxes of the 1980s, twenty-year-old Jason Ramsey has the idea for a new surround-sound, six-speaker wearable belt that will enable him to share music the old-fashioned way with his skateboarding friends at the park. There’s only one problem, and it’s a doozy.

Intertwined with these compelling invention stories are those of Inventionland’s own creative captain, “Mr. D.”—George Davison—and a cast of designers and builders.

George Davison says from Inventionland, “Whether we invent new products to ward off outside competition, or to fix a pressing problem, or to bring pleasure into new realms, there is a ravenous appetite among consumers for the new and innovative. And we do it all at Inventionland.”

“Inventionland” is produced for HISTORY by JWM Productions. The producer is Jonathan Wyche. Patrice Shannon is the editor and the online editor is Brian Newell.

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