Itati Cantoral Presents Pasiones Peligrosas

Discovery en Espanol investigates the dark side of love in stories full of intrigue and suspense in the new series Pasiones Peligrosas, airing on Mondays at 10 PM E/P starting Sept. 30.

Narrated and hosted by Mexican actress Itati Cantoral, Pasiones Peligrosas presents true stories of romantic relationships that take a fatal turn.

Itati is the guiding force behind the action, introducing each case and narrating the subsequent events as a fictional character playing the role of the classic telenovela villain.

“I am very excited to be reaching the US Hispanic audience with the Discovery en Espanol series ‘Pasiones Peligrosas,'” Itati Cantoral commented.

“This is my first time narrating a TV series and I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely, especially because, as the narrator, I get to play a villain who is in many ways an homage to the many villains I’ve played throughout my career.”

From secret office romances that become illicit love affairs, to pious couples that fall prey to the temptation to commit a mortal sin, Pasiones Peligrosas presents real stories of love triangles and betrayal that explode into violence and end in tragedy.

Each of the 10 episodes in the series includes commentary by the forensic experts and detectives who investigated the cases, along with dramatizations and the testimony of friends and relatives of the victims.

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Rakesh Raman