Jiuzhai Valley’s Nuorilang Waterfall in China

Nuorilang Waterfall, located in Sichuan province’s Jiuzhai Valley, recently took the top spot in an online poll for China’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls, according to Jiuzhai Valley National Park.

The 270-meter wide, 24.5 meter high Nuorilang Waterfall, at 2,365 meters, is an expansive travertine waterfall and stated to be the widest waterfall in China. Nuorilang means “male god” in Tibetan and symbolizes both majesty and sublimity.

The waterfall freezes in winter, creating the rare phenomenon of blue ice under warm sunshine, making the waterfall an unusually distinctive stop among Jiuzhai Valley’s many attractions.

Jiuzhai Valley is a year round travel destination. The colorful mountains and lakes, the varying vegetation as the seasons change as well as the distinctive Tibetan villages and folk customs give Jiuzhai Valley a unique style not seen elsewhere.

Jiuzhai Valley's Nuorilang Waterfall in China

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In addition, meets all the standards for smart scenic areas with excellent transportation links, high-quality accommodations and eating establishments as well as complete support facilities, providing a convenient and immensely enjoyable traveling experience for visitors, says Jiuzhai Valley National Park.

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