Kondoot Social Network for Live Video Broadcasting

Kondoot, claimed to be the first social network that allows consumers, business professionals and celebrities to broadcast live video to their friends, family, clients and fans, is making its debut this week in the U.S.

Kondoot is creating a new market segment — Social Live Video — a combination of a social network and live video and offers a full suite of free video options including public live broadcasts, recorded broadcasts and video chats as well as games, instant messaging and more. Free Kondoot iPhone and Android apps allow users to broadcast live from virtually anywhere. It was announced Monday, Dec. 12.

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Timed to coincide with its formal market launch, Kondoot is unveiling its paid broadcasting system enabling celebrities, musicians, athletes, authors, businesses offering live webinars and others to market private broadcasts to fans and customers.

Viewers pay fee via PayPal with the majority of the proceeds paid to the broadcaster. The company is using Amazon Web Services to provide bandwidth ‘on the fly’ to support its video broadcasting needs ensuring the best possible quality video with minimal latency, says the company.

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Kondoot is based in Brisbane, Australia and its ‘senior team’ — largely comprised of 20- and 30-something software engineers and programmers — has been working on the site’s infrastructure for just over a year. Kondoot is privately funded and was soft launched three and a half months ago and is already in use in 133 countries, the company claims.

“We’ve been singularly obsessed with delivering on the vision of creating a friendly and easy-to-use live social video experience,” said Nathan Hoad, age 25, co-founder and chief technology officer, Kondoot. 

“Our goal is to make it easy for consumers and professionals alike to embrace video and use it to stay in touch with friends and business associates around the world.”

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Kondoot has developed three initial revenue streams. First, its paid private broadcasting service may foster a new range of satellite companies and businesses looking to capitalize on Kondoot’s live broadcasting infrastructure.

Secondly, the company has already started to sell — for $1 each — mobile app versions of its original games now playable for free on Kondoot.com. Initial games include Brainpunch, Conducted, Earth Must Pay and For “Science.” Its third revenue stream will be an advertising-centric offering on Kondoot.com.

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