Ladies, Do You Want Body Like Cheryl Cole?

Cheryl Cole should be on top of the world right now. Not only has she just secured a spot on the judging panel for the US version of the X Factor but a new survey has discovered she has the body women covet.

Liberate, a network of cosmetic surgeons in the UK, surveyed 3000 women between the ages of 18-34 and found that nearly 30% of women want their body to look like Cheryl Cole (pictured above).

Pussy Cat Doll’s Nicole Scherzinger was in second place (19%) and Angelina Jolie and Rihanna tied in third place with 15% of the vote for the most desirable female celebrity body.

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Although recently voted by People Magazine US as the world’s most beautiful woman surprisingly Jennifer Lopez received only 10% of the votes and Victoria Beckham only 4%.

The survey found that 30% of women had undergone cosmetic surgery with breast augmentation (“boob job”) being the most popular procedure (28%) followed by Nose (17%) eyes (11%) and Liposuction (15%).

Half the women surveyed would have cosmetic surgery if cost was no object but only a small percentage (17%) would take out a loan to cover this.

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The Liberate survey highlights the need for women to be better informed of the dangers of cosmetic surgery abroad or in the wrong hands.

Despite recent deaths following botched surgery abroad, a staggering 40% admitted that they would consider having surgery abroad if it was cheaper.

The survey findings were released today, May 9.

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