Lindsay Lohan and Vince for Underground Comedy

“Underground Comedy 2010” was written and directed by Vince Offer and produced through his production company Square One Entertainment. It features skits from Offer’s directorial debut, the cult classic “Underground Comedy Movie” – which was released in 1999.

Square One releases a hilarious trailer for the new movie  – a raunchy over-the-top sketch comedy co-starring Lindsay Lohan (“Mean Girls”), Michael Clark Duncan (“The Green Mile”), Bobby Lee (“Pineapple Express”), Joanna Krupa (“Planet Of The Apes”), and Vince “The Shamwow Guy” Offer (“The Underground Comedy Movie”).

Lohan, who was noticeably sporting a SCRAM Bracelet during the shoot, was given the opportunity to jab back at the media in a scene where she guns down a row of pushy paparazzi.

Vince was recently tapped by Eminem to write, direct and star in a viral video to promote his new “Recovery” album. The hilarious two minute video is a spoof on the “infomercial” format and features Vince hocking the Recovery CD as if it were a Slap Chop or ShamWow! type product.

“Underground Comedy 2010” is slated for a theatrical release this Fall.

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Rakesh Raman