Making Mobile Films for Social Communication

Proyecto Habla was born from the principle that communication is at the service of the community. It is an initiative in social communication run by the Anesvad Foundation, which seeks to allow the vulnerable people to tell their own stories in first person, through films made on mobile phones.

According to the Foundation, it is a documental and participatory exercise and a social motivator, which aims to inform and raise awareness of the problems encountered in countries in the Southern Hemisphere and their struggle to access healthcare.

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It also aims to bring about critical thinking that will contribute to re-addressing the inequality and social injustice that occurs in the world and prevents access to basic rights.

Beginning the first phase in Peru and Bangladesh, the projects aim to highlight reality of the fight against tuberculosis and human trafficking respectively.

With prior training, people have been able to produce audiovisual material that is useful for their own community, fostering people’s participation and involvement in the issues that affect them the most, but which are often hidden.

The Foundation is basing its new institutional campaign, which launches on Monday the 15th of November, under the slogan “We still believe it is possible… and we will tell you how.”

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The campaign focuses on the experiences of people living in Peru and Bangladesh and comprises two TV commercials, six documentaries filmed on mobile phones and various Web 2.0 activities.

The development NGO’s audiovisual platform,, on which you can discover more about Proyecto Habla and other work carried out by the Foundation and its partners in the Southern Hemisphere, will go live to coincide with this launch, says the Foundation.

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