Married Couple Releases Erotic Music Videos

Sky Silver, CEO of Silver Curve Records, and his wife, Nadia Kay, have released separate and erotic music videos for sale exclusively on iTunes. They claim that many rate them to be the sexiest music videos ever released in the music industry.

“FASHION NOW” music video by Sky Silver and “LOVErGIRL” music video by Nadia Kay are available on iTunes U.K. and Ireland.

The couple says that the videos can be downloaded from iTunes to raise funds for a comedy feature film about Silver Curve Records and the events that took place that formed the label.

Both music videos were directed and produced by Sky and Nadia in the summer of 2011 and recently released worldwide.

Nadia came up with the idea for the music video for her song, “LOVErGIRL” – the concept being herself dreaming of a fantasy between her and the beautiful female models in her husband’s music video, “FASHION NOW.”

She promised Sky she would film “FASHION NOW” after he released her debut music video to the song, “CAPTAIN SKY LOVE” – the first single on her second studio album, “RELOADED.”

Sky and Nadia are dedicated to their new endeavors that the couple gave up having a wedding ceremony and engagement ring to shoot each other’s music videos for release on their record label. You can visit:

Silver Curve Records released this information today, Sept. 27.

In the picture above: Sky Silver’s “Fashion Now” features a bevy of beautiful models caressing each other, cut with frenetic, exciting perspectives to keep up with all the sexy action and pulse-pounding beats, “Fashion Now” raises the bar for music video eroticism.

Photo courtesy: Silver Curve Records

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