McDonald’s to Hire 50,000 in 620 Restaurants

McDonald’s New York Tri-State Area and its franchisees are looking to hire new crew and restaurant management positions in over 600 restaurant locations throughout the area today, April 19.

This one-day event is part of a nationwide initiative for McDonald’s and its franchisees. The target is to hire up to 50,000 new employees at restaurants across the country.

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The new positions will include a combination of both seasonal and sustaining full-time and part-time positions based upon individual restaurant needs.

For interested applicants who want to learn more about the McDonald’s work experience, McDonald’s current employees have volunteered to share their “Why I Love My McJob” stories online at

Those interested in applying for an available position are encouraged to visit their participating local McDonald’s or apply online at

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“Our business is strong and our customers are responding positively to the variety of choices on our menu and the value and convenience we provide,” said Mason Smoot, VP, McDonald’s New York Tri-State.

“As our business continues to grow, we want to provide our customers with an even better experience in all of our New York Tri State restaurants. And every employee plays a vital role in helping us fulfill that goal.” 

To kick-off McDonald’s hiring day event, Mason Smoot will meet with franchisees and potential applicants on a multi-restaurant tour throughout the market.

The company made this announcement today, April 19.

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