Monopoly Empire Board Game in London

Central London saw close to 100 Mr Monopolys descend onto the streets to take part in a live treasure hunt to launch the Monopoly Empire board game. It was announced Sunday, Sept. 22.

On the day, consumers took part in the thrilling race to be the very first to find the top-hatted mogul and claim one of the free 100 prizes including Xbox 360 consoles, Fender guitars, Spotify vouchers, Samsung digital cameras, and Beats by Dre headphones.

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Located at key landmarks throughout the city, the Mr Monopolys were promoting the official Monopoly Empire board game which sees iconic landmarks replaced by some of the world’s most famous brands, including Xbox and Spotify.

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In the all new Monopoly Empire board game, Hasbro has gathered 22 of the world’s top brands to appear on the same Monopoly game board.

The new Monopoly Empire game features brands such as Coca-Cola, Xbox, McDonald’s and Samsung, creating a new gaming experience where players collect, buy, and trade top brands and companies – rather than property – in a quest to “own it all” and win the game.

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There are six new tokens in this Empire version of the classic game: a bottle of Coca Cola, a Ducati bike, an Xbox controller, a Corvette car, McDonald’s fries, and a Paramount director’s board.

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