New Mobile Application for Physicians on the Go

Intelerad Medical Systems, a medical imaging company, has announced a new mobile-friendly interface for the InteleConnect web portal, a brandable, browser-based solution for communicating radiology results to referring physicians.

The new interface features an optimized display layout for smart phone and tablet devices, providing access to the portal’s full functionality. It will be demonstrated at the RSNA annual meeting, Nov. 27 to Dec. 2 in Chicago, Illinois.

Also new is a mobile application that notifies physicians immediately when new messages, critical alerts or result notifications are available via the portal. An InteleConnect icon on the physician’s mobile device displays the total number of new notifications and critical alerts, even if they originate from different providers. This application is available for Apple’s iPad and iPhone.

In addition, Intelerad’s InteleViewer offers enhanced secure instant messaging, facilitating timely and convenient physician-to-radiologist collaboration, says the company. Through InteleConnect, physicians can identify and contact available radiologists online, enabling ad-hoc consultation and clarification of results.

“We have taken InteleConnect to the next level,” said Rick Rubin, chief engineering officer at Intelerad. “Results delivery plays a vital role in the patient care chain. With InteleConnect, physicians can access crucial information as soon as it is available, and have the ability to reach out to radiologists without constraints.”

With its brandable login screen and portal web pages, InteleConnect enables radiology providers to add custom HTML and logos, increasing visibility for their services.

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Rakesh Raman