Now 3D Art Exhibition in a Bottle

Johnnie Walker Blue Label, a leading Scotch whisky, has created a 3D art exhibition in a bottle in conjunction with some contemporary artists and fashion designers.

The immersive Johnnie Walker Blue Label Gallery will be a spectacle to behold and a feast for the senses. Using the latest in projection technology, a collection of artistic endeavours will be showcased from within large format Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles that stand at almost three metres tall.

In another break from tradition, the art installation will not be exhibited in established art galleries but instead feature in cosmopolitan airports across the globe from Singapore, to London and beyond, reflecting the travel credentials of the brand.

In each of these cities, Johnnie Walker will collaborate with local artisans to showcase their interpretation of ‘The Rare Blend’ – a homage to Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

The bottles will be filled with bespoke 3D and CGI graphics created by famous local artists from the host cities, giving the content perspective and depth.

The first port of call is the concourse of Terminal 1 in Singapore Changi Airport, starting Thursday, Sept. 19.

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Rakesh Raman