Online Service to Distribute Your e-Books

LibreDigital, a leading solutions provider for digital books, newspapers, and magazines, has launched a new self-service distribution portal for small to medium sized publishers.

The portal, which can be found at, allows publishers with any kind of file to submit their e-books for distribution on the Apple iBookstore and other marketplaces.

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“Book publishing is experiencing strong growth in small to medium sized publishers similar to the growth of independent labels in the music industry,” said Russell P. Reeder, president and CEO of LibreDigital.

“We are excited to offer these emerging new publishers the same tools we provide larger publishers for converting, optimizing and distributing their content to the largest e-book marketplaces in the world like the Apple iBookstore.”

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LibreDigital services include distribution to e-book marketplaces, marketing and discovery tools, managed conversion services, and sales reporting and analytics through LibreDigital Business Intelligence.

The new portal allows small to medium publishers to sign up for distribution and conversion services online and gain distribution to over 50 global marketplaces. Distribution services are provided on a revenue share and file conversion services can be charged to the publisher’s credit card based on the costs of converting from the original source.

It was announced today, May 23.

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Rakesh Raman