Opportunities on Skill-Based Social Network SkillPages

SkillPages, a skill based social network, has announced that over one million people have joined the platform in under 150 days, following its formal launch in January 2011. It was announced today, June 13.

The company, which describes itself as the “World’s Trusted Network of People with Skills”, brings together real life friends and social connections to help source skills from individuals.

SkillPages, a free service, also helps users get found by people who need their skills.

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“We set out to enable a simple way for people to create a credible online presence for their skills.” commented CEO, Iain Mac Donald “Our user growth is a reflection of how people are reacting positively, creating a SkillPage and getting found by new customers and employers.”

The company celebrated one million users by launching a new feature on the site called “Opportunities”. This streamlines the process of finding skilled people by leveraging a user’s network of real life contacts.

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“Whether you are looking for a skilled person as an employee, to help you at home or otherwise, SkillPages is the easy way to do it,” added Mac Donald.

SkillPages is free and people with any type of skill, profession, trade, craft or other talent can join at http://www.skillpages.com. Almost every type of skill is covered from accountants, plumbers and dog walkers to gardeners, musicians and designers.

SkillPages is a privately held company with offices in Dublin, Ireland and Palo Alto, CA.

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