Patient Released from 21 Day Ebola Quarantine

Rene Steinhauer

Rene Steinhauer

Local nurse and Honolulu resident, Rene Steinhauer, has just been released from a 21 day Ebola quarantine period that he completed at home in Honolulu after returning from working as a chief nurse in an Ebola Treatment Unit in Liberia.

Rene Steinhauer spent six weeks working to set up an Ebola hospital in Buchanan, Liberia. In mid-December, he became ill with fever and multiple symptoms.

[ Ebola: What Nurses Need to Know ]

He was immediately admitted to the Monrovia Medical Unit, an Ebola hospital set up to care for foreign healthcare workers providing Ebola healthcare.

After four days in the hospital, he was found to be Ebola negative, but was treated for Malaria and he returned home to Honolulu where he spent the holiday season in quarantine and where his only visitors were from the State of Hawaii Department of Health.

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