Payfirma iPhone Mobile Payment App in Canada

Payfirma Corporation has launched its proprietary iPhone Mobile Payment app, which is also compatible with iPod touch and iPad.

Developed in Vancouver by the company’s Fintech Innovation Team, the app is available as a free download from Apple’s iTunes App Store. It can be activated remotely by any merchant account customer of Payfirma, and the optional card swiper can be purchased directly from the company.

“Canadian consumers and businesses are extremely technology literate and savvy,” says Michael Gokturk, founder & CEO of Payfirma, Canada’s leading provider of payment processing technologies and services. “They are always seeking efficient and secure means of transacting financially with one another, and our mobile payment app enables them to do just that.”

Payfirma’s proprietary app lets any business or consumer accept all major credit cards securely on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Users can swipe or manually input a credit card, capture a digital signature on the screen, and authorize the transaction within 10 seconds, claims the company. A customizable receipt can then be emailed directly to the customer from within the app.

The app is offered for free, but users must have a valid Canadian merchant account to process live transactions.

According to the company, opening a merchant account with Payfirma is easy, and can be opened directly within the app itself, or on the company’s website.

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