Porsche Introducing the 918 Spyder

The 918 Spyder embodies the essence of the Porsche idea: it combines pedigree motor racing technology with everyday utility, and maximum performance with minimum consumption, suggests Porsche.

Here’s how the company explains the making of the new car. The task faced by the development team was to create the super sports car for the next decade with a highly efficient and powerful hybrid drive. Developing the car from scratch, appropriately beginning with a sheet of white paper, allowed the team to come up with a no-compromise concept.

The entire car was designed around the hybrid drive. The 918 Spyder therefore demonstrates the potential of the hybrid drive: the parallel improvement of both efficiency and performance without one being at the cost of the other, says the company.

Porsche believes this is the idea that has made the Porsche 911 the a leading sports car. And the 918 Spyder will act as the gene pool for the Porsche sports cars of the future.

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Rakesh Raman