Ricoh Photo Contest under the Theme “My view”

The 10th Ricoh Photo Contest is being held until August 31, 2010, for photos taken with Ricoh compact digital cameras. The theme for the contest is “My view.”

The contest started in 2004 as an activity to promote communication and picture taking through the participation of a wide range of customers who enjoy photography.

With this contest, Ricoh is also seeking to develop the Ricoh concept of Candid Photo Culture, the essence of which is to “carry your camera with you and enjoy the photographs light-heartedly taken.”

According to the company, the contest theme of “My view” embodies the message that “By just changing your angle of view, you make the world an infinitely interesting place.”

From photographers both inside and outside Japan, Ricoh is looking forward to receiving images on diverse subjects photographed with a free sensibility from new perspectives.

Prize winners will be selected by two photographers active in the forefront of the field: Ryo Ohwada and Kazuyuki Okajima.

Photos are submitted via the contest website, and a total of 50 will be chosen as winners, including a grand prize winner.

The site is:

Many prizes will be presented, including a GXR for the Grand Prize winner. Prize winners will be announced in early November 2010 on the website.

The winning photographs will be printed in “poster size” (457 x 560 mm) and displayed at the RING CUBE photo gallery in Tokyo.

In addition, the “2011 Ricoh Photo Calendar” will be created using 13 photographs selected from among the winners.

Ricoh hopes that the contest will serve as an opportunity for people to enjoy photography and make new discoveries.

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Rakesh Raman