RMN Kids Community for School Children

Raman Media Network (RMN) Company, a diversified content creation and management company, has announced that it is in the process of building a worldwide community of school children called RMN Kids Community.

The objective of this initiative, which will be driven by the company’s RMN Kids service, is to help children share knowledge and collaborate on educational and cultural projects with their peers all across the world.

“In today’s knowledge-driven world, the education gained through conventional methods in isolated schools is not adequate for children to progress in the competitive environment,” said Rakesh Raman, CEO, RMN Company. “They need to use innovative channels to increase their knowledge. RMN Kids Community is the right digital platform for children to learn by collaboration while defying the geographical limitations.”

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In the current phase of the RMN Kids Community project, the RMN Kids service is collecting basic data of children on the following lines:

  1. Child’s Name:
  2. Child’s Nickname (if any):
  3. Father’s Name:
  4. Mother’s Name:
  5. Child’s Age:
  6. Child’s Date of Birth:
  7. School Name:
  8. Class:
  9. City:
  10. Country:
  11. Main Interests (like Painting, Singing, Writing, etc.):
  12. What the child wants to do in life (about 50 words):

(You can also send one picture of the child and up to 5 pictures of their work, if applicable. The file size of each picture should not exceed 100 KB.)

You can contact us here.

Children, parents, and teachers can share this data for the RMN Kids Community. The data will be hosted on the RMN Kids site to facilitate interaction among children and for them to showcase their creative work.

In the next phase of the project, children will be encouraged to collaborate on specific knowledge-driven projects.

RMN Company offers different products and services for chidren’s education, entertainment, and overall personality development.

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