S M Nafay Kumail

With a Masters degree in Economics as well as a Bachelors’ in Education, Nafay has around 16 years of experience in e-learning, knowledge management, media and digital content services.

He has worked at senior management positions with business process management company Genpact (erstwhile GE India), a leading global talent development corporation NIIT, tech consulting and digital publishing services company Innodata (now Innodata Isogen), and e-learning services company InfoPro.

Now, he is the co-founder of an Enterprise 2.0 technology company, Kreeo.

Passionate about new ways of learning and the impact of new media and technology on human performance, Nafay has co-authored ‘e-Learning: An Expression of the Knowledge Economy’ (Tata-McGraw-Hill).

A regular commentator on new technologies and related subjects, he has written extensively in reputed national and international journals. He also writes for our global news property Raman Media Network.

Nafay has been invited to speak on new ways of media and technologies in business communication and learning at top institutions such as IIT Kanpur and at UGC-sponsored program for university teachers.

At Raman Media Network (RMN) Company, Nafay provides his valuable advice to ensure content quality and marketing for our information services that target consumers in the global markets.