Second Living Bid Book for Munich Olympic Games

The video documentations visualize and explain the official Munich 2018 bid documents. Following the first edition on “Paralympics”, the second “Living Bid Book” is now available on “CO2 compensation” as part of the environmental concept.

The Munich 2018 Bid Committee has set itself the ambitious goal of staging carbon neutral Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2018 and establishing new standards in the ecologically sustainable conduct of major sporting events.

The video documentation illustrates the goals and most important building blocks of the concept.

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During its visit from 1 – 4 March 2011, the Evaluation Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has examined Munich’s bid, and in this context also the subject area of “environment and sustainability” with regard to its viability.

Boris Schwartz, head of Environment and Sustainability of the Munich 2018 Bid Committee, on the most important objectives: “We have three core ideas: 1. Saving energy by improving efficiency. 2. Avoiding emissions by using regenerative energy. 3. Compensating for what finally remains in terms of burdens.”

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As a member of the Expert Group on evaluating compensation measures, Martin Ewald from Allianz Climate Solutions comments on the three step plan: “In practical terms, this means that activities which are as energy efficient as possible should be combined with high quality local and international compensation projects in the field of renewable energy.”

The next “Living Bid Book” will be published on the subject of “Security”.

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Rakesh Raman