Singing Machine 4TV Enters Your Living Room

The Singing Machine 4TV promises to provide all the fun of a traditional karaoke machine but boasts many new features.

The 4TV plays traditional CD+G karaoke discs but is claimed to be the first household karaoke machine to directly support MP3+G digital karaoke media, which are available for download from the Singing Machine Online Download Store. 

The Singing Machine Company announced Monday the release of Singing Machine 4TV. It has partnered with Montreal-based boutique design firm, Pearl Studios, to design an entirely new line of Singing Machines.

The 4TV is also stated to be the first to integrate USB microphones with button support so you can remotely control all of your karaoke functions through the microphone. The 4TV features three USB ports to support two simultaneous microphones while playing USB digital media.

Designed for Singing Machine online music download store is featuring over 8,000 karaoke songs available online for download. 

You can hook the 4TV up to your TV and it displays lyrics right in your living room. It is available in a range of colors. One Singing Machine USB Mic included. Singing Machine 4TV is expected this Holiday season.

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