TD Bank’s Offer to Debit Card Users

TD Bank, America’s leading bank, says it will continue to offer instant issue debit cards with no monthly debit card purchase fees.

Additionally, it is empowering consumers with the convenience of free, same-day instant issue debit cards paired with the benefits of 7-day banking, extended hours and hassle-free products, the bank said Friday, Oct. 28.

“As many banks are starting to implement new monthly debit card fees, now is the perfect time for consumers to evaluate their banking relationships, find a bank that fits their needs and switch,” said Nandita Bakhshi, executive VP, Head of Products, TD Bank.

“It is important to know there are options and consumers can still find a bank that doesn’t charge a monthly debit card fee, issues you the card on the spot and has an extensive store network that is open when you need it to be. We also have programs in place to make switching banks and checking accounts as simple as possible.”

Consumers can visit to view educational videos to find money management tips and information, the bank suggests.

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Rakesh Raman