The Best Café Yours – For Coffee Lovers

Nestlé Nespresso coffee brand launched Monday its first-ever television advertising campaign to U.S. audiences. The concept, “The best café. Yours.”, will be supported across digital media channels and through in-store materials, and will connect the European-style coffee experience to the values and aspirations of the American coffee connoisseur.

“What has continued to set Nespresso apart for the past 25 years is its ability to offer a genuine coffee experience that combines perfection, pleasure, simplicity and aesthetics – and the new U.S. television campaign captures just that,” said Frederic Levy, president, Nespresso North America. “Anyone can create the perfect cup of coffee with Nespresso, anywhere, any time, just like a skilled barista.”

Launching nationally on April 30, Nespresso’s first U.S. television ad features the simplicity behind the brand’s concept. The 30-second spot begins with the illusion that the viewer is looking inside a European café.

The scene is augmented by romantic lighting and Lana Del Rey’s single, “Blue Jeans” softly playing in the background. The camera pans to Nespresso’s sleek and stylish Lattissima+ machine and then to an elegant female hand that selects a sparkling gold Volluto Grand Cru capsule from one of Nespresso’s 16 coffee varieties.

She inserts the Grand Cru into the machine, and then with a single press of a button, creates a perfectly portioned, rich and foamy Cappuccino. The scene goes on to reveal that she is not in a café, but at home, and closes with the tagline, “The best café. Yours.”

The television ad will be supported by digital media, along with the launch of Nespresso’s redesigned U.S. website,, and through in-store materials. The Martin Agency leads creative for the campaign.

Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso operates in more than 50 countries.

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Rakesh Raman