The Big Toy Book Unveils Toy Catalog App

The Big Toy Book has announced the beta launch of the universal toy catalog into the iTunes App Store.

Unlike retailer catalogs, The Big Toy Book’s catalog app allows users to browse over 200 of today’s most sought-after toys regardless of which retailer is carrying them. Through the app, children can:

  • Create personal profiles
  • Browse over 200 of today’s most popular toys
  • Circle toys they love with just a touch of the screen
  • Build wish lists
  • Share wish lists and retailer availability

With parental permission, users can share their toy wishes via Facebook or email. Recipients of a child’s Big Toy Book wish list will receive full product descriptions, images, suggested age, price and links to multiple retailers carrying the toys listed.

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“It can be challenging keeping track of the multiple catalogs our children mark for us. As parents raising children in a tech-savvy world, we wanted to simplify the shopping and sharing process,” says Laurie Schacht, co-publisher of The Toy Insider and founder of The Big Toy Book.

In addition to the app, consumers can have shopping experience on, as well as “Social Shop”— which Corine Ingrassia, Owner of and social media director for The Big Toy Book describes as “virtual window shopping.”

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“We’re excited about the Social Shop because it is giving our community a bigger voice on the site. It’s like walking through the mall with your friends, browsing the shelves and sharing opinions.”

The Big Toy Book beta app is free and currently available through the iTunes App Store for Apple’s iPad while iPhone and Android versions are coming soon, says the company.

Featuring products from a variety of retail sources, organizes items in an easy-to-use browsing format. Consumers visiting the site determine which products on the site are the hottest through feedback in the Social Shop.

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