Toyota’s New Models Promise Fuel Efficiency

Toyota has strengthened its portfolio of cars with five recently introduced vehicles that offer an average combined fuel economy of 44 mpg. The Prius Plug-in (EPA rated 50 mpg combined and 95 MPGe), offering extended electric range and eligibility for the State of California’s High Occupancy Vehicle sticker (HOV lane), is making its way to first customers in the 15 launch states.

The Prius c (EPA rated 50 mpg combined), with a starting price of $18,950, will be on sale beginning March 12. The Scion iQ (EPA rated 37 mpg combined), Camry Hybrid (EPA rated 40.5 mpg combined for LE and XLE trim levels), and Prius v (EPA rated 42 mpg combined) all arrived to market in late 2011.

These new models arrive to market with Toyota already enjoying a 12-percent improvement in Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) and a 10-percent improvement in U.S. truck CAFE over the past five years.

As the State’s average fuel prices are expected to climb, California dealers will be poised with a supply of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive equipped models (especially the Prius Family models) to meet rising consumer demand in a region where 8 of the top 10 Prius selling dealerships are located, says the company.

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