Trump-Clinton Campaign Coin Introduced

Trump-Clinton Campaign Coin
Trump-Clinton Campaign Coin

Long-Stanton Manufacturing in Cincinnati, Ohio has introduced a commemorative Trump-Clinton campaign coin, called “Indecision 2016.” Since the coin’s introduction, the company says it has shipped thousands across the country.

The coin depicts a likeness of Republican presidential candidate Donad Trump on one side facing to the right, and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s on the other side facing to the left.

“Originally we were just minting them for our customers to show our capabilities and add a little humor to the process. After we sent the Trump-Clinton coins out, the requests for more coins poured in, almost overwhelming our ability to fulfill all of the orders,” stated Long Stanton’s sixth generation President, Marvin Cunningham.

[ Debate Score: Hillary Clinton – 72%; Donald Trump – 44% ]

“Evidently, we aren’t the only people who are undecided. Hopefully the voter’s decision won’t come down to a flip of a coin, but if it does, flipping our coin could help,” he suggested.

The 164-year old company’s founder, John Stanton, had minted commemorative coins for the Lincoln-Douglas campaign in 1860. It made sense to continue the company founder’s legacy by minting this Trump-Clinton campaign coin as a keepsake of such a historical election, says the company.

The second presidential debate will happen Sunday, October 9. The U.S. presidential election is scheduled to take place Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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