WATCH: Supermodel Miranda Kerr in Takano Yuri Campaign

Supermodel Miranda Kerr
Supermodel Miranda Kerr

Leading Japanese aesthetic salon Takano Yuri launches its new creative campaign featuring supermodel Miranda Kerr, with a television spot and various print media for the Japanese market.

The work was produced by Takano Yuri’s new creative agency, The Woo, in partnership with Route American Sports.

The Woo is an independent ideas agency that specializes in developing creative marketing programs that it says woo people to brands.

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Takano Yuri, a company with more than 120 locations throughout Japan, sought the U.S. agency to bring a Western sensibility to the brand.

“The Woo has an incredibly unique aesthetic, and we wanted to connect the Takano Yuri brand to their beautiful vision,” said Masako Akiyama, director of Marketing at Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic.

The Woo has recently created work for Lenovo starring Ashton Kutcher, who also serves as the brand’s product engineer, as well as Kobe Bryant, who served as the celebrity spokesperson for the brand’s K900 smartphone in the Asia and EMEA markets.

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