WealthTV Premieres Insider’s Look with Ray J

Wealth TV, cable television’s leading lifestyle and entertainment network, debuts a new series giving an “Insider’s Look” at the world’s most captivating celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs.

The premiere episode will take you behind the life of celebrity Ray J as “Insider’s Look” captures the true essence of this star.

Meanwhile, “The World Tomorrow,” an exclusive new project by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, is coming on Russia’s RT channels. The series sees Assange, the series creator and host, engage with a wide range of global notables – in his opinion, those shaping the global agenda of tomorrow. (Read and Watch: Wikileaks Boss Julian Assange to Host TV Show)

“‘Insider’s Look’ brings you the stories you haven’t heard,” explains Steve Marcano, host of “Insider’s Look.” “In the series premiere, we show you Ray J the family-man and Ray J the entrepreneur as he builds a media empire with his family run record label, RnB Productions, abbreviation for Ray J and Brandy. You’ll see that behind the headlines and reality TV is a guy that works harder than most to grow his company.”

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The premiere episode takes you back to the days when father William Norwood Sr. gave vocal lessons to son Ray J and his sister Brandy, helping them both launch careers in the music business.

It takes you through a day-in-the-life of the music industry mogul, highlighting his search for new talent. The show climaxes as “Insider’s Look” brings you the exclusive interview with Ray J about his relationship with the late Whitney Houston, filmed just four days before her shocking death.

“This series has intrigue, suspense and inspiration that will blend perfectly with the current Wealth TV lineup,” states Robert Herring Sr., founder and CEO of Wealth TV. “Ray J is an amazing individual with talent beyond just musical and acting ability. ‘Insider’s Look’ finds the true person behind every headline.”

“Insider’s Look” premieres Sunday, April 22, at 10:30pm Easter Time in HD and 3D where available.

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